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« on: December 24, 2018, 04:44:00 PM »

This point might seem strange, but it actually makes sense. The actual demo account is a learning device that functions to make it easier for you to practice trading. But when it's been used for too long, the ease of vulnerable demo accounts is misused to 'underestimate' trading errors.

As you know, the demo account uses virtual funds so that when the trading position is lost, there is no real loss you receive. When a trading error does not cause significant impact, it will be easy for you to underestimate it.
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"Ah, this is only on a demo account. Later I will learn this error if I have been trading using real money". Honestly, have you ever thought of that in your mind? If yes, then actually you have misused the function of the demo account as a means of learning forex.
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Precisely because the demo account doesn't use real money, you can be more free to learn from mistakes. If you are willing to correct trading errors only if you have struggled on a real account, then what is the point of the demo account?