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Coho Salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch

A Coho Salmon.

Common Names

Coho Salmon, Coho, Silver Salmon, Blueback, Sea Trout

Lake Michigan Sport Catch in Wisconsin

75,000-200,000 per year

Preferred Temperature Range

54-57  °F


11-26 inches


5-12 pounds.

State Record

8/17/75; 24 pounds, 6 ounces, Lake Michigan


Adults are steel blue to slightly green on the back, brilliant silver on the sides, and white on the belly. There are small black spots on the back, sides above the lateral line, base of the dorsal fin, and upper half of the caudal fin. Coho differ from the Chinook and other salmonids of the Great Lakes by having the inside of their teeth set in hite gums, their tail slightly forked with spots on he top half, and havining 12-15 rays in their anal fin.

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