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Directly below, you will find information and links to greater detail associated with fishing on inland lakes here in Wisconsin. Lakes such as Pewaukee Lake, Okauchee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Fowler Lake, and Lake Koshkonong. We fish for game fish such as Musky, Tiger Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, and others.

Fishing Guide

Directly below, you will find information and links to greater detail associated with fishing on inland lakes. Lakes such as Pewaukee Lake, Okauchee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Fowler Lake, and Lake Koshkonong. We fish for game fish such as Musky, Tiger Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, and others. 

Charter Captain

Below the inland fishing information, you will find information and links to greater detail associated with Great Lakes fishing. Specifically, fishing on Lake Michigan from the Wisconsin side. We fish for game fish such as King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Lake Trout

Our Heaviest Musky Ever - Fall 2020

53" Long Musky with a 26.75" Girth and weighing in at 47 pounds caught in SE Wisconsin in 2020

53″ Long Musky with a 27″ Girth.
Weighing in nearly 50 pounds!


Yet another great year of Fishing!

Lake Michigan was also on fire for Salmon & Trout.

  • 53½” Musky
  • 53″ Musky 
  • 53″ Musky
  • 53″ Musky
  • 52″ Musky
  • 52″ Musky
  • 51½” Musky
  • 51″ Musky
  • 50½” Musky
  • 50¼” Musky

3,801 Total Muskies Caught by Johnny’s Musky Guide Service

Inland Lake Fishing Guide

Johnny’s Musky Guide Service is a Wisconsin fishing guide specializing in advanced, proven techniques for Musky (Muskie / Muskellunge), Northern Pike, Walleye, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, White Bass, Perch and others in the greater Milwaukee area, specifically Waukesha & Jefferson counties.

While we are called a Musky Guide service, I have been guiding for northern, walleye, bass and other fish for decades. So, in essence, we are a fishing guide service that specializes in Musky.  

I also have a Captain’s License and have been a Great Lakes charter captain on Lake Michigan for many years.

Reserve a trip by viewing our rates & booking your trip. We have 1/2 day & full day options for inland guided fishing trips and great lakes charter trips.

Styles of Fishing

The different styles, or types of fishing we do include trolling, casting, & bait fishing. Bait fishing usually consists of using live suckers, but there are other secret techniques used that have proven to be very successful.

All techniques can vary greatly depending on time of day, time of year, lighting conditions, weather conditions, the air as well as water temperature, the fish we are after, the lake we are on, the depth of the water, the depth we are fishing, and so much more.

The Lakes We Fish On & The Fish We Catch

  • Pewaukee Lake, which is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Oconomowoc Lake, which is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
  • Okauchee Lake, which is located in Okauchee, Wisconsin.
  • Fowler lake, which is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
    All the above lakes produce large Musky, Northern and Walleye. 
  • Lake Koshkonong, which is located Southeast of Madison, WI, between Fort Atkinson & Edgerton, Wisconsin. 
    Lake Koshkonong is exceptional in the spring and early summer, when the water is cool enough for the fish to be active is this very shallow lake. Lake Koshkonong and the Rock River is a great great place for a fishing guided trip that usually results in a cooler full of fish. We catch many species of fish including Northern, Walleye, White Bass, Perch, sheepshead, and others.
  • Lake Michigan, One of the 5 Great Lakes, is great for Salmon & Trout. We launch out of Milwaukee or one of the other Wisconsin launch sites.

  • We also have special days or weeks we are fishing on Lake Winnebago or other northern Wisconsin Lakes. Call for details.
Northern Pike from Wisconsin.

The Inland Lakes Fish

A Muskellunge, also known as musky.

Musky Fishing

Musky Fishing Trips

I offer morning, evening, & all day trips. Depending on the bite, I will take you out on Pewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Okauchee Lake, or Fowler Lake.
About Musky
A Northern Pike.

Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing Trips

We catch northern Pike on Pewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Okauchee Lake, Fowler Lake & Lake Koshkonong.
About Northern Pike
A walleye fish.

Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing Trips

Walleye can be caught on Pewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Okauchee Lake, Fowler Lake & Lake Koshkonong.
About Walleye
A Smallmouth Bass.

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Trips

We catch many types of Bass on Pewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Okauchee Lake, Fowler Lake & Lake Koshkonong.
About Bass

Musky Season runs from the 1st Saturday in May – December 31st. Other fishing is available year-round.

Check out some Musky Guide videos!

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About the Captain

“My name is Captain John Riegel. I am a licensed Wisconsin Fishing Guide for Musky, Northern and Walleye on inland lakes such as Pewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Okauchee Lake, Fowler Lake and Lake Koshkonong. I am also a licensed Charter Captain for Salmon and Trout on Lake Michigan.

The biggest question people ask me, aside from fishing tips, is why I’m a Fishing Guide. Well, that’s simple, I love fishing. I love the sport so much, that I even enjoy watching other people catch fish, so here I am.  

One of the things I like best about being a guide is that you’ll never know what will happen when your trying to land that catch… Just take a look at this picture and you’ll find that competition from other fisherman can be the least of your worries when a Musky thinks you’re trying to steal its lunch.

I hooked this small northern, as it neared the boat, this musky decided it looked too good to pass up.  Muskies can be stubborn creatures – this one refused to let go of his prize.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, those teeth are sharp.”

Captain John Riegel

The Lakes We Fish

Pewaukee Lake

Fishing Pewaukee Lake

Fishing on Pewaukee Lake is a little different due to the fact that is is a busy lake used for water sports like skiing and tubing all summer long. It may be a little challenging but the fishing can be great...
About Pewaukee Lake

Okauchee Lake

Fishing Okauchee Lake

Okauchee Lake is good for trolling in the hot summer as well as casting and sucker fishing when the water isn't to hot. This lake can be more active on weekends but is usually quieter during the week...
About Okauchee Lake

Oconomowoc Lake

Fishing Oconomowoc Lake

Oconomowoc Lake is accessed by traveling down a river, so, it is much more secluded than Pewaukee & Okauchee Lakes. The fishing here can be incredible and there are some huge fish here as well...
About Oconomowoc Lake

Fowler Lake

Fishing Fowler Lake

Fishing on Fowler Lake is more like Oconomowoc Lake, being less active. It is a smaller lake off of Lac La Belle and has a connecting waterway to Oconomowoc. I have had great fishing on this lake...
About Fowler Lake

Lake Koshkonong

Fishing Lake Koshkonong

Lake Koshkonong is a fairly unique fishing experience due to how shallow it is. We fish when the water is cool & the fishing is hot. We will catch a wide variety of fish usually including Walleye, Northern Pike, White Bass...
About Lake Koshkonong

Lake Michigan

Fishing Lake Michigan

Charter Fishing trips on Lake for Salmon & Trout is a blast. Whether we are catching Jumping Rainbow Trout, Fighting a Chinook also called a King Salmon, or dragging a Lake Trout or Brown Trout up from the depths...
About Lake Michigan

Great Lakes Fishing Charter

Johnny is also a licensed fishing charter captain for the Great Lakes. We catch Chinook, aka King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Rainbow Trout on Lake Michigan.  

The Great Lakes Fish

A King Salmon.

Chinook / King Salmon

Chinook / King Salmon

'Chinook' also commonly known as 'King Salmon' are usually the most common & largest caught fish on Lake Michigan.
About King Salmon
A Coho Salmon.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Coho are the smallest of the Great Lakes fish but excellent for recipes. They are caught all year but abundant in the spring.
About Coho Salmon
A Steelhead Trout, which is a Rainbow Trout with steelhead coloring.

Rainbow Trout / Steelhead

Rainbow Trout / Steelhead

Rainbow Trout, also called Steelhead, are a jumping fish, making them a lot of fun to catch, but also more difficult to get to the boat.
About Rainbow Trout

Atlantic & Pink Salmon

Atlantic & Pink Salmon

These 2 type of salmon are very rare in Lake Michigan. People might confuse them with other types when they are caught.
No Further Info
A Lake Trout.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are normally near the bottom and can be mistaken for reeling up a tire off the bottom. They can get large.
About Lake Trout
A Brown Trout.

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Brown Trout are also near the bottom. They can get quite large. Sometimes the are the largest registered fish in contests.
About Brown Trout

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